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He began his career in the music industry with a job at his father's recording studios studio in 1985. In 1986, he studied music with Victor Cuadros and Pepe Torres.

He formed a rock 'n roll band called "Graffiti"in 1989.

In 1989 also he studied cinematography at Robles Godoy Institute; at the same time, he also studied camera direction and editing at INICTEL. In 1989 he traveled to Vancouver,Canada, to study post production.

In 1990—1992 Cuadra studied audiovisual communications at IPP while recording and producing his first CD as a solo singer, "Jaime Cuadra", a pop fusion of Afro-Peruvian music for El Virrey, for which he won the 91-92 "Circes" awards. In 1993, he studied musical arrangements with Jorge Madueño and recorded his second album "Baila Mi Son" for the same recording label.

In 1994, he dedicated himself to his recording studios company, "Quadrasonic " and is currently the musical director. In 2005 he created "Quadrasonic Ideas", an independent recording company annex to his professional audio studio, producing: "Cholo Soy: Peruvian Waltz Chillout"  that album put him in the top of the peruvian music industry .

He Co-produced Cholo soy 2, Boleros InFussion ,Latino and Cholo 3 with the peruvian composer Liliana Schiantarelli

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Independent Music Awards of New York awarded ''Cholo soy'' in the category of Best World music album of the world  in 2007.

In 2008 three songs of his album ''Cholo soy'' were included in the James Bond movie ''Quantum of Solace'' 

In 2011 Jaime was honored with the title of ''Cultural Ambassador of Peru'' by Promperu and their campaign named MARCA PERU (Peru Brand) because his awarded work and developes with the peruvian folk music.

In 2019 Independent Music Awards of New York announced Jaime Cuadra JUDGE ALUMNI




“Cholo Soy - Peruvian Waltz Chillout”

“Cholo Soy for Babies”

“Cholo Soy Remixed”

“Cholo Soy 2 - La Valse Créole Chillout”

“Chill 80’s” (Spanish Classic Rock in Lounge jazz)

“Cholo Soy Remixed 2”

“Navidad a Voces” (Arpegio)

“Boleros Infussion” (Best boleros in Lounge jazz)

“Latino” (Jaime Cuadra)

''Cholo 3 Peruvian world music experiment''

''BEHIND LATINO'' (DVD of clips , live performance and behind scenes)


''INEDITO'' Worldless Journey


  • Clio Awards

  • New York Festivals

  • Grand APAP

  • Gold Dial

  • Ojo de Iberoamerica

  • Silver Lion, CANNES for audio "Duracell" batteries Radio AD (July 2007).

  • Award for BEST PRODUCER OF THE YEAR, given by Indecopi, Peru (October 2007).

  • BEST WORLD FUSION ALBUM "Cholo Soy Peruvian Waltz Chillout" by "IMA AWARDS" New York (Independent Music Awards, November 2007).

  • Three themes of his CHOLO SOY album were included in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace (October 2008).





Cholo soy 1 - 2006

Cholo soy 2 - 2007

Latino - 2010

Cholo 3 - 2013




Cholo soy 1 - 2009

Peru a voces - 2009

Latino - 2010

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